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Full Discography

1992 Kurt Leege, Ouroburos

1993 The Osirians, Nothing More to Say (bass)

1993 Camille, Birchrunville Sessions

1994 Camille, Ice Storm Sessions

1995 Curdlefur, Ripe Siren

1995 Curdlefur, Noon/Anthemic Tune 7", Deep Elm

1996 Noxes Pond, Tape One

1997 Noxes Pond, Tape Two

1998 Noxes Pond, Ludlow

1999 M'lumbo, Spinning Tourists in a City of Ghosts, Unit Circle

2000 M'lumbo, System Noise, film - full score

2000 Ninth House, Swim in the Silence

2001 The Dog Show, Demo (guitar Halcyon Days)

2005 System Noise, EP

2005 The Dog Show, Sin Soaked Dish (single)

2008 System Noise, Give Me Power

2010 The Sometime Boys, Any Day Now

2011 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Diplomatic Immunity (ebow 'The Queen')

2012 The Sometime Boys, Ice and Blood

2012 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Golden Days

2012 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Blue 2

2014 Wounded Buffalo Theory, A Painting of Plans

2014 The Sometime Boys, Riverbed

2014 Karen & the Sorrows, The Names of Things (bass 'Tami's Broken Bones')

2016 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Live

2018 Kurt Leege, Sleepytime Guitar

2018 The Sometime Boys, Still Waiting

2019 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Everybody Knows Your Name (Live)

2019 The Sometime Boys, The Perfect Home

2019 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Tacit

2020 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Five Sides Live

2020 Kurt Leege, Sleepytime Jazz

2023 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Cardboard Dreams

2023 Wounded Buffalo Theory, Parachute

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