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I came to fatherhood late and somewhat unexpectedly. These meanderings are for my daughter Seren - may she always sleep through the night.


The idea for Sleepytime Guitar was born enduring those long nights the first several months of parenthood where you are desperate for your child to sleep and will try anything -but also face the constant anxiety of learning how to be a parent. Seren responded wonderfully to the slow piano lullabies that we found on spotify. Unfortunately, most ‘made for infants’ sleep music on the net is monotonous, sonically limited and can ultimately be quite annoying for the parents.


I decided to begin crafting a series of guitar based renditions of lullabies and traditional spirituals that serve the same purpose, but present a much more interesting sonic palette that also appeals to adults for the purposes of relaxation and meditation. These versions rely heavily on delay effects, melody and counterpoint to create a textured, psychedelic, sonic hammock into which you and your child can dissolve. Think equal parts Bill Frisell, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, David Torn, David Gilmour, Jerry Garcia and Kevin Shields.

You can now get all of the benefits of using simple music to help your child sleep, while also getting a rich, psychedelic sonic experience and music for your yoga as well!

Sleepytime Jazz is Here!

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